Well that’s the new buzz…and it was coined by Canadian comedian Brent his popular tv series ‘Corner Gas’..[excerpts form The Hindu]..But what does it mean…? I came across this word in the supplement and found it interesting…

Staycation is holidaying at home …or discovering a fun place to relax in and near ur vicinity…Sounds very simple nd Economical..especially when globally the economy is growing downwards.You need not worry about logistics related to travelling, no planning….nothing…simply b at ur home and relax , discover ur backyard…search for ur interests within your reach.

But let me put it…i think it might only sound sweet and simple for the people who do extensive travelling….and those who urge for a physical break..that’s NO TRAVELLING….For others who most of the time is glued at home…i think for them…to explore the outside world will be more relaxing….and am sure visiting places that one has never been before….would be the most breathtaking relaxation…and definitely memorable…

Anyways both has its good and bad opportunities….it all depends on individual tastes….as for me i love to do both

So until i get to go out for a vacation let me enjoy nd explore my staycation…:)


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