At Peace

Trust me there is no  other place in this world that gives you peace and security…and that’s with ur parents.Here i am enjoying my time with my parents in kerala.My bro and family has come down and i am just having a blast with them fears no botheration’s..Feels like i am still their 10 year old kid…(haha…i have a 10 months old kid now)

Sometimes when i guess i am without work..i sit back and think about my past life (even otherise i do that quite often sort of an hobby) i realise that how much nicer those days were..How much carefree and innocence filled life it …Every thing was taken care by our parent…and yet you hurt them unknowingly. Well i am yet to face those moments that my parents (and most of ours)did..How Creatively they took care of us and made a life beautiful for us..I wish i cud do the same for my daughter..Fears are always shadowing me when i think about all these. But i know that it is completely pointless..

Anyways capturing each moment possible in my memories and life life 15 years back.:)


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