oh..her falls..!!!

Esha keeps falling every now and then. Its too painful to see my baby fall, everytime she gets a hit on her head or somewhere else my heart skips many beats. And then thousands of thoughts flush in within that nano second- fear , pain , anger and then finally the feeling of relief  that she is all fine and nothing so intense to worry. She is quite active(touchwood) and so cannot be idle for long. Its only when i have to feed her that i keep her cartoon cd/ channel and she sits at a place of some time but still very not for long.Very careless and so keeps hitting and falling now and then , well i know for  the fact that she is just a year and 3months old and i cannot expect her to be careful but  you see those actions and its reactions makes me long for her carefulness. Well thats ow even my parents would have felt , right? Well if u ask then they would even say that “Oh she is still careless , but Esha is much better”.

I have heard it in films or somewhere( don’t remember form where) that to know the “Value of your parents you have to be one”. And now as i am myself  one i do fully agree on that. I do understand how much my parents have gone through to bring up their 2 kids . How much i have hurt them and how much they patiently have taken my tantrums. how much they have longed my presence with them and i would have denied it with some reasons. Well.. well… i know that i will have to face it in near future. Well for now let me enjoy this beautiful moment and not think about the unpredictable, thats the future.

love my doll ..Esha


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