Yiepeeee.. well welll….it was B’day…and frankly i just forgot….:)wellll it was just another day fro me until..raj wished me with his warm hug and kiss..We already had planned to visit one of my friend who stays quite far way(as far as almost 2 hrs drive…well in that hour we could have reached Mysore).Had good time with them. I liked their house.Peeka had kept it well.The only thing that i sort of dislike is their dog..well i wouldn’t have liked any animals for that matter. Spent some good time with them .On our way back we had been to Bhima jewellery shop to buy a gift for my mom.Over there i saw a nose stud..Close to tiny, and got it pierced it there itself.I just dont belive till today that i got my nose pierced and that on my B’day.Well the most beautiful gift and a perfect one on my B’day. I had longed for it since quite a time. and here it is on my B’day. And with this  i shall also say with most certainty that in my life things have happened to me at the right time and at right place.Well thank u God for this sweet gift…For everything that has happened to me…Thank u so so sos sos os much…….Love u muttu..:) Luv u esha…



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