Last night i was listening to music on some radio channel.Was supposed to be some world music day so they were playing some old hindi songs.And to be frank felt really relaxing after a long time , as got to hear some music that soothes your heart.

One of my favourite song was on air.Phoolon ka taaro ka sab ka kahena hai, Eak hazaron mein meri bahena hai..This song has always made me cry and i know how much i miss my brother. I am always emotionally close to my bro (though he always gets irritated )but for me my brother was my very special friend. I can share with him my worries and how he would always come out with some solution. Even though there is a gap of almost 7 years, his understanding me was something that i always respected and may be for that reason alone i would share things with him rather than my parents.But I know for one that i never got to be with him for a long time..either his studies or job would keep him away and when i could have been with him when he was settled and then again it was my studies and his marriage that again distances us at least physically. Its not that he has changed completely after marriage, but natural changes is bound to happen, his responsibilities have increased and then obviously he would share with his wife(which is correct )  . So obviously if i say anything to him he might share with his wife and then there is a third person though that gets involved, which i wouldn want. So i usually don’t share many things now and now after my marriage there just seems not much time to keep in constant touch with him. Sometimes i feel that  like for Cinderella , a god mother should come and give a wish. i would have asked for giving back my child hood with my dad and mom and my brother.I would have desperately asked for that, as yes its true that i have understood what i have lost and could have retained if i had realised it then. But anyways my bro is mine and what ever he is can never change my feelings and respect for him.

Bro if ever u had a doubt, do not have any as i truly mean that I love u chetta…u are the best bro i could have asked for..


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