Well could also have titled it as frustration, as its the frustrations that i am jotting about..But just to not have a negative word to head, it is within. Well i hate bangalore in the first place and there are more unsaid reasons that get attached for my hatred.But the fact that i can have a shift form this place is possible only if my hubby dear thinks.Its not about going abroad , its just that the ambiance here is only encouraging me to think negative and i am using all my energy out to think otherwise, which is why i get frustrated like hell. Simply i am not able to think . There is nothing good i can look at .All around me is so messed up. I feel like disappearing form this place for ever and never to come back.But the circumstance..and the CIRCUMSTANCE…If only raj can take an effort can only i start relaxing myself . But his being immune to my words is all adding to my already frustrated state of mind/life. Sometimes i also feel i am not able to give my 100% to my daughter because of my state of mind. I am trying damn hard to think normal…and it is only getting harder. I hope and asking all my frineds to hope for a forever bye bye to this place… I JUST WANT BANGLORE TO BE DELEATED FOREVER…plzzz raj u can only make this happen…please please please…………..:)::)


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