a beautiful movie…

Its been long since i watched a good movie; movie that would want me to watch it again and again.I am not a hollywood freaky, and so if u ask me anything about that category i would know nil.But i do let myself watch some here and there; some which i think i might enjoy.And so after quite a long time..i did watch one “P.S.I love You”. Well  frankly i couldn watch the beggining..but yes i will make sure i get to see it again.

It is a love story…a beautiful one..

Holly lost her husband to tumor..and he leaves her some letters which i think she receives one each in different season…In those letters he takes her (by asking her to go there)to those places where she  and her husband Gerry had been before…She cannot think of anyone except him..their lover for each other is so close and pure that his letter would reach to the place even before she reaches there..(well i think he would be alive)It was in one of his last letter that he reminds her of their first meet and makes her realize what she wants to do in her live….using her ‘creativity'(well thats the word she uses).

But still she just cannot let pass him out of her thoughts and breaks down in front of her mum….Its a walk the mom and daughter makes and the last letter she receives from her mum ..that changes her life and makes her move on with life…and without  forgetting Gerry..Apprantly her mum used to dislike Gerry as somewhere he used to remind him of her husband whom she lost quite early in her life …and she is hurt to see her daughter heading towards the same path..and she feels helpless….

Well it’s a beautiful love story that i am sure to watch again……

🙂 goodnight


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