Hope for the best!

Things are not what they look like….well it applies to most of the things one come across in their day-to-day routine.Unless you are the creator you never know the truth. So this is what i have learnt in my life and yet tend to fall back and get hurt myself…well no one to blame …ha:) Well such situations make me go crazy and angry so much that i might as well hurt someone…physically .

I need the most needed change , but i am emotionally bond to some commitments which i would not break; for my love…But sometimes i feel that my love is not understanding and taking the needed steps..Understanding my love’s limitations.I do I do understand that my love is balancing the whole; but #$%^&*$%^&*&&^%$%^&……

Anyways…as someone dear to  me keep saying..Hope for the best..i continue living:)


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