Never has Esha cried so much as she did today.. i mean almost the whole day…uff.I had lost it completely and to add to it dad with his unnecessary and totally off the world topic he bring in and not to forget her falls …aiyoo….Raj being not around is also one reason of her being what she is past 3 days. For each and every thing she cries. Before even asking for anything  she does is’ crying’ ; understanding that she has an irritation as she is recovering form cold.BUt…???? ah….i am loosing it… But i know for sure that i would have handled it much better if i was alone. I mean its pure psychology.Esha is a baby who likes people around her and when she has them around she wants to be played with or chatted with. But when they do not respond, thats exactly when she gets annoyed and irritated. Her grand parents are with her but they some how do not reach her expectation and so she gets cranky ad asks for me all the time.Where as when they were not around she was in fact much more understanding and not at all cranky. Also knowing that she would need me i used to finish off my work before she is awake. But with my inlaws i cant finish of my work as it has to be done according to their convience.Not that lately i have started ignoring things and doing it my way. To reach others expectation which is not even near to my generation is not possible to me anymore, not that i have not tried it, but just that not anymore. I also know that my this behaviour is not being liked by them and so the message is being passed to others outside . I know for sure that if i have to be here for ever, i should not be surprised to go mad..i think it should be a natural shift……

Hoping Esha is happier tomorrow. Poor child she is all mad in this place…This isolated place….  :(:(:( 😦 :(Well definately reasons for me to hate bangalore even harder.


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