Battling the imperfect.

I do feel at times that life is a battle to stay happy in all the cold times-dirty times.It has become a compulsion to prove your basic self. It has become a necessity to justify your smile/laughter. When there is already a struggle then why let the unwanted come and control your life. Can’t people see or realize what they are doing? can’t people realize that just like they have their interests and tastes and do others? Can’t people get the point and mind their own business.?Am sure if people start minding their own business (with a little bit of adjustments)… is a beautiful place to open your arms and accept the indefinite. It’s a small and a beautiful life, cease the moment people. If you miss the minute,it’s gone.And you won’t get it back-damn how much hard you try. It’s easy to find others fault without an ounce of guilt, but frankly tell me how many times have you tried with honesty to find your own mistakes leave alone try to rectify it. Why can’t it be understood that nothing at all in this world is PERFECT. Everything  and  every other thing you can possibly see has it’s own imperfection irrespective of  it’s quantity or quality. And it’s not the imperfection that matters. It’s the simple beauty of existence that matters. That it’s there within your eyesight and that you can very much see it ,is what should matter. If you try to find faults in every thing,it’s horrible-YOU are horrible. And that you as a whole is imperfect.


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