A new start

Well yes yes.. i have been pledging and planning for quite a long since the ‘blog era’ happened and that  i will write and write and improve and polish my skills till it shines.I want to get addicted to it and never be able to come out of writing, so was my dream, still is.Its not any mundane dream. But lame excuse weighed far more heavier .But i must say that i have never ever let this thought fly out of my mind about writing .I have been thinking and ONLY thinking about this. Just that i haven’t put any extra effort to work on it. As if i was waiting for some easier steps or some guidance to get me started. And so be it. Here comes an article ‘how to become addicted to writing in 7 easy steps’ {http://www.literaturereviewhq.com/7-steps-to-become-a-writing-addict/} and this yet again brings back the spark and gets me all charged up.Now determined to start new and yes a fresh start indeed, i will write every day even if it is a line or two  , at least i know for the fact that the lines will gradually ascend. Hope this times it’s not erratic and i am able to stick to my will.

Wish me luck:)


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