Rains-my best friend

I am essentially from Mumbai and my hometown being Kerala. I have always loved rains, both the places being humid and has the most beautiful rains . They have always made me feel happy. Brings back the smile on my face without any reason. It feels as if they speak to me. Lots of stuff.I just watch them seated near my window , feeling the tiny drops that escapes through gaps and settles on my face, as if they are kissing me. I do talk to them. Tell them every thing that’s within me. Some unsaid feelings are simply understood by them. I know that when they tell me “Its ok“. When i cry , they wipe my tears. They do this every time.They touch my face and i know not where are my tears. They have washed them away. They bring me close to my God. And i am hugged and cared even more. They are my best friend. I know my secrets/ feelings wont be shared. Its safe locked with them. I miss my rains. Those Beautiful rains.


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