Life as we know it!!

LifeAsWeKnowIt_Trl1_02_h264_sdYup.. watched this movie ‘Life as we know it‘ and i completely loved it . There are various reasons for it and the first one being i have a huge crush on Josh Duhamel 🙂  plus its a family movie and that too a romantic one. I am romantic at heart and i mostly watch such ones. Also it has a kid and right now i am going through exactly the same phase. It also stars  Katherine Heigl whose personae ,especially, in this movie is what i am more attracted to . May be i like such people as i am ,may be, one such. It also covers about friendship and friends and doing anything and everything for them. Sacrificing  our own just for our loved ones. It shows about facing the unknown challenges and struggling to get things on track, which overnight got scattered.

Life as we know it is unpredictable. But it is here that our guts is tested and it is here that we find out true selves and know for sure what we are and what we want to be for whom and why. Unpredictable life is a reality , the moment one understands it and welcomes it with open arms, our first step it taken.


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