Things to do this year!!!!!!

I strictly do not follow resolutions , but i am a compulsory list maker. I make lists all the time,mostly everyday (mentally or not list.2). I love making lists, putting aside the fact that , whether or not i follow all the items jotted.  But i love doing that…don’t know if it has become a habit now. But yeah i got a company,my friend vini…she loves it to….HA ..HA!!…

So let me start with….hmm let me see…

1. Filling in with good worthy blogs  (min 2 blogs per week for the starters). I need to get serious on this.

2.Reading and reading possibly endlessly.

3.Running behind kids (by default).

4. Notes for Esha (I prefer to write it down in a book but I will most likely settle down with a blog).I have been thinking about this for some time now. She will have something from me after i am gone.

5.Travelling( again a difficult one with 2 kids)

6.Being nice to my kids and myself( My hubby is not included as he is mostly in the office, so not counted)

7.Getting into some Yoga lessons (its tough, may be,as i got a baby to look after too)

8. Planning for my ‘much’ planned business interest i.e. clothing (i hope i get down to something concrete here)

9. Cooking can wait until next year (i know that.)

10. Working on my stories that i plan to publish some day.

11. May be re-doing my resume’…(I don’t even to work full-time though!!)


PS: The list will be updated as and when a new though is born..


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